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I understand from my own experiences that dealing with parasites can be gross, daunting and super unpleasant but I also know that it doesn't have to be that way.

While ridding parasites is largely physical, there are aspects of mental/emotional, energetic and spiritual components that are deeply intertwined.

I believe this is important to become aware of when we are expelling parasites so that we can be mindful of also releasing the things they were attached to; such as stored trauma, stuck emotions and energy.

The fact that they live with us symbiotically and how it is scientifically proven that they directly affect our thoughts AND emotions speaks volumes to the connection that our mind and body has to them.


I remember it like it was yesterday.....

The first time I was put on a “parasite removal” protocol by the amazing Dr. Klinghardt himself, was life changing. He walked into the room and my stomach instantly started to growl.

It wasn’t a normal gargle or the sound of a hungry tummy, it literally sounded AND felt like an angry growl from deep within me.

He told me that the parasites sensed him when he walked into the room. When we were in the middle of ART (Autonomic response muscle testing) he confirmed that I had some big rope worms that were very active and contributing to my horrible brain issues and just about all of my physical symptoms that I just couldn't seem to get rid of. (I had late stage Lyme dis ease, PCOS, MCAS, MS, ovarian cysts, mould illness, trauma, depression, PTSD and a severe anxiety disorder)

I was at first skeptical of course, because my doctor didn't run any lab tests to confirm the parasites but nevertheless I would never doubt the genius that he was so I openly accepted this diagnosis and agreed to do the parasite cleanse.

Leading up to the cleanse, I did tons of my own research and talked a lot about it with my close family. I couldn’t help but notice an odd sensation of anger and unrelenting fear every time I talked about getting rid of the parasites even though I was so eager to dive head first into this part of my healing journey.

The fear did not feel like my own.

The anger did not feel like my own.

And being an incredibly sensitive being, I was feeling the the resistance of the parasites that did NOT want to be extinguished (killed).

They were ready to battle for their lives and they made it known that they would not go down without a fight and that fight would be hosted inside of my body and my mind. I was determined to win.

Considering that parasites are living organisms, their protective mechanisms were employed through a release of fear chemicals because they knew that their survival was being threatened as I spoke and thought about killing them.

(Now this may sound strange, but there are hundreds of similar accounts documented and published by individuals who conducted similar parasite protocols.)

There is such a strong energetic component to these creatures and that is why we are able to symbiotically feel each other. Not to mention they do live inside of our body, absorbing our nutrients, toxins, memories, emotions and energy so we are not two separate entities, we are actually one, so of course we feel each other.

Healing from late stage Lyme is very complex. I had gone undiagnosed and untreated for years which allowed it to wreak havoc on all of my systems before becoming acute and late stage.

This is why it was so imperative to address parasites when looking to heal, because they are partially composed of heavy metals (which contribute to our awful symptoms) and Lyme spirochetes are oftentimes found inside the stomach of the parasite itself. The parasites hold onto biolfim, mycotoxins, bacteria, viruses and environmental toxins; all of which create imbalance and illness within the body. Unless these toxins are released, they will continue to be reabsorbed throughout our blood stream no matter how many supplements or medication we take.

Not to mention, they also hold onto suppressed emotions, energy and trauma that also contribute to illness and that block us from healing.

This is why when they are expelled, we may have memories come to the surface that we didn’t even know we had. Or emotions that may not make sense in the moment, or feelings of unexplained anger, frustration, sadness or irritability. This is all normal of course; it is just the body's way of finally being free to release decades of stored emotional pain and energy.


I was put on the Gubarev protocol which is highly successful in removing rope worm.

This entailed administering enemas made of 4 cups of 2-3% milk mixed with a tablespoon of sea salt rectally and holding it in for 2 hours before expelling. Gubarev (the great mind behind the protocol) explained it like this:

The milk teases the parasites out of the intestinal walls (where they hide) and into the open where the sea salt kills them so that they can be expelled.

As I waited for the milk to warm to room temperature, the sounds that were coming from my stomach were unlike anything I had heard before.

I was also completely encompassed with a fear of death and dying that I never normally thought about.

And while my true self was situationally nervous and apprehensive to do this seemingly unconventional treatment, that part of me was so ready, eager and unafraid.

This is how I knew that this “fear” was not my own. It was literally the parasites trying to “psych” me out so I wouldn't go through with it. I could feel the difference between my own REAL emotions and their tactics of fear and anger in attempt to throw me off.

This did add an extra layer of difficulty to this already unpleasant notion of removing “worms” from my gut, but I was determined to heal so nothing would stand in my way. I had suffered so much that I became desperate enough to try anything no matter how unconventional.

I did it!

I did the protocol and I expelled rope worms within hours. This may seem graphic to some but when you are completely desensitized to the notion of removing toxic waste from your body in any way, shape or form so that you can feel healthy after feeling so sick for over a decade, it really isn't a thing. In fact, when I would expel larger parasites, my family and I would celebrate (and laugh that we were celebrating something so odd) because it was proof that the protocol was so effective and that I was another step closer to health.

S P I R I T U A L. C O N N E C T I O N?

This is the part that I will remember for the rest of my life.

The emotions, the memories and the transcendental experiences that came with ridding these parasites for the next 4 weeks were wild to say the least. Some of it is still a blur and some of it is very vivid. In my most vivid memories of the accounts, I remember feeling very in touch with an incredibly Divine source, as if I was being guided through some of my hardest times. I won't lie, there were some very hard moments where I would be laying on the cold floor of my bathroom in agonizing pain, being so angry at God while I would find myself asking why? why me? why am I being put through this pain?

It was the first time that I actually received an answer...

(Looking back, the parasites served as a block to a deeper connection with my spiritual and intuitive body.)

A few weeks before this parasite cleanse, I was working with some incredible energy healers and mediums who taught me an "ideation" that described us through the lens of our Highest Self and was further explained to me that it was our Highest Self in accordance with our angels, that "wrote" our whole story before we came into this physical form. If that is true, then my journey of suffering was chosen by me, for a sole purpose. If that is true, then I would have had to approve this journey that I am on. But why would I choose so much suffering for myself? I might not have known the answer as to why in that moment, but it eventually came to me when I was out on the other side of my suffering.

I eventually saw very clearly, why I had gone through so much pain.

Our Highest Self always knows what is the very best for our highest good, so why would my Higher Self write my story with so much suffering involved? This was a concept that I wrestled with for weeks and had often asked for guidance on.

While I laid on the floor sobbing, I felt this intense pulse of energy and physical strength course through my weakened limbs and I heard a voice almost demanding me to "Stand up".

I remember being so taken aback that in an instant I grabbed the edge of the counter to pull myself up from the ground with all of my might just to be met with my reflection in the mirror, but it didn't look like me; at least, not the sick and hopeless version that I was so used seeing endlessly for years. (I actually avoided looking at myself in the mirror because I could see the defeat in my soul through my eyes; I could see the hopelessly and the illness in my eyes; I avoided making eye contact with myself all together. This was one of the most painful parts about being so ill; that complete disconnect from myself because I resembled illness and I couldn't stand to be connected to that.) I instantly stopped crying, and it looked and felt as though the weak and sobbing woman that was me a second ago, too weak to even pick up her head, had completely vanished.

I was experiencing a very real moment with a Divine source that felt like it had taken over my body so that I would pay close attention; so that I could not ignore this experience; so that no logic could explain this away as a dream or an illusion or imaginary. It was very, very visceral.

Now looking back through the lens of an energy practitioner, of course it was me...just a different version of me. (We all have different versions and aspects of Self.)

I now fully understand that I was looking back at my Higher Self for the first time in my life and it was so profound and very powerful; almost overwhelming in a sense that I had watched movies about things like this happening, and I had heard about experiences like this happening to other people, but I never imagined that it would happen to me. I guess accounts like these are hard to believe until or unless it happens to you.

I felt like I was floating while my whole body was encompassed with this incredible warmth while I heard a voice ask me,

"would you write this story for yourself if it meant saving someone else?"

Before this, I was not spiritually connected to anything really and while I was raised Catholic, I never considered myself to be a very religious person. I always did believe in a God, but I never had such a profound experience such as this where I felt the connection so deeply, where I actually heard the voice of my Higher Self speak to me and where I felt like I was connected to a part of a much bigger plan and picture.

It was almost as if I was an open vessel or channel, where I was easily accessible by the Divine and where I was easily able to feel their presence and their messages. Through the removal of parasites, it had opened me up to experiencing some of the most profound moments of transformation and connection where I could hear my Higher Self speaking to me in complete clarity. It was so crystal clear in fact that it sounded like a voice was speaking to me through a loud speaker.

I was also being channeled during this time. I was receiving so much information at lightening speed where my fingers could barely keep up when I would try to write these messages down.

I was recording profound ideations of how to live a peaceful life, how to heal, how to love yourself and your body while oddly enough, these subjects were not things that I previously studied or even knew much about.

The knowledge that poured through my soul was so precise, so “all knowing” and profound. And even though it was my own wisdom, it was not the usual physical information that I was used to retreiving. It came from a different part of me that I was not used to accessing.

I also suffered from intense brain fog and had a hard time with word finding during my years of illness, especially when I was actively removing parasites because of the herxiemer effects.

But when I was being channeled, I was completely clear, and writing down words and sentences that I wasn’t normally able to put together. The spelling and the grammar was immaculate where I would normally struggle and while it came from me, there was a definite source from above and all around that was guiding me.

This was the first time that I ever experienced channeled writing, and it changed my life.

I would use this material in later teachings and in my practice. I know this was information downloaded through me for my own highest good, but also for the highest good of others. I now use this information to help others heal.

Since then, nothing has opened me up quite like that parasite cleanse and in that I find so much gratitude.

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