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Updated: Jul 12, 2022

The relationships that we had with our primary caregivers during our conditioning years sets the stage for how we interact in romantic relationships (amongst many other things) Meaning any wounding that was formed in childhood will be predominantly illuminated in our adult romantic relationships because we are subconsciously acting out the relationship with the parent of the opposite sex.

When you become conscious as to where your current undesired behaviours come from,

you begin to recognize that almost every aspect of life has been directly correlated to the root of childhood wounding including:

Your behaviours

Your habits

How you handle finances

How you operate in romantic relationships


Emotional reactivity

Your beleifs about yourself and the world

Your self image and self love,

Internal Dialogue/Thought Patterns (negative and positive)

How you interact in business and personal relationships

How you parent

Mental Health

Dis ease and physical illness and imblances

Beliefs such as, “I don’t deserve love, I shouldn’t show my emotions, I will inevitably be abandoned, I am not good enough" are examples of bi-products of those wounds that manifested in early childhood becoming deep grooves in our core programming. Those wounds are then perpetuated into our adult lives.

Therefore, if we are looking to truly transform in the present, we have to go all the way back to the beginning.

We have to get to the root; When the root is healed, so are the symptoms.

These wounds were conditioned into us.

They were subconsciously or consciously indoctrinated into us by family and society.

There are many things that were conditioned into us at a young age that serve us beautifully but that’s not what we are discussing here.

Ask yourself,

Which parts of my conditioning are serving me and which ones are limiting me?

In my own personal experience, I was abandoned by my father at a young age. I watched my father cheat on my mother and I felt the pain of the betrayal as if it was being done directly to me.

I grew up with the belief that "all men cheat" and that became one of my core beliefs for a very long time and it was very damaging. In my adolescent and adult years, I would subconsciously attract men who were unstable, disloyal and unsafe and who would eventually leave me feeling abandoned and incredibly let down. These relationships were mirroring my wounds from childhood. And they continued to do so until I became CONSCIOUS to this pathology.

So one after the other, I would enter into unhealthy romantic relationships because at my core, I felt that I didn’t deserve love from the masculine energy because my very first relationship with masculine energy was inadequate. These relationships were mirroring my wounds from childhood. And they continued to do so until I became CONSCIOUS to this pathology.

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