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Updated: Mar 30, 2021

We all experience feelings of stagnation throughout our lives, but it is always ONLY temporary because the natural law of living things are to always be ebbing and flowing. The reality of it is that we are never actually stuck because our Being will inevitably move, every time.

When we are vibrating at lower frequencies, it can FEEL like we are stuck. These lower frequencies include: Frustration, anger, sadness/despair, irritability, hopelessness, restlessness, anxiety and depression. These are common and normal states that come and go throughout our entire lives that contribute to making us feel as though we are stuck. But what if there was a way to shift out of these states more quickly?

There absolutely is. Here are 6 ways to move out of stagnation and into the FLOW (The flow is a space in which your life feels very synchronous because abundance abounds and everything seems to line up perfectly to your benefit-you will KNOW when you are in the FLOW). 1. Cold showers.

Cold shows are super effective in pushing your Being out of stagnation. The cold water shocks your system and allows it to instantly jump out of the frequencies that are making you feel stuck.

Try this:

Before jumping in the shower, set the intention to move out of stagnation and into flow.

Take a warm shower as you normally would for your usual amount of time and just as you are about to finish, turn the water to cold and force yourself to stand under it for 5-30 seconds (or however long you feel comfortable with) making sure to take deep breaths as you allow the cold water to shower over your body.

2. Epsom Salt baths

The Epsom salts pull toxins from the our largest organ (the skin) both physical and energetic.

Water is the most cleansing element both physically and energetically.

Remember as you submerge yourself, set the intention to release whatever does not serve you.

Try this:

Fill up a warm bath with a good grade Epsom salt, light some candles and put on your favourite relaxing music. (Setting a different ambience alone helps to move you out of stagnation)

Dry brush your skin, clearing the pores of any debris that may be blocking the extraction process (the epsom salts pull the toxins through our pores).

This also allows your blood to flow more efficiently, moving out waste.

Set the intention to release whatever is ready to be released so that you can make space within you for the things that serve you.

Soak for up to 40 minutes minimum of 20.

After your soak, as you watch the water go down the drain, be mindful that the toxins, stuck energy and emotions were released from you.

3. Energy aligning, clearing and balancing

Another effective way to move out of stagnation is to clear stuck energy within the body, either through the use of mediation (mindful, and intentional focus to send any stuck energy away from you and into your grounding cord that is connected deep into the Earth) or by working with a practitioner who can remove it for you.

Remember, energy needs somewhere to go, so if you are not grounded (connected to the earth energy that absorbs and recycles stagnant energy) then it will continue to be reabsorbed throughout your body.

Try this:

Close your eyes and take a deep breath bringing your awareness to your root chakra at the base of your spine.

Send a grounding cord (this can look like a tree trunk, a waterfall, a beam of light or whatever comes up for you is perfect) deep into the centre of the earth from the base of your spine.

Once connected deep into the centre of the earth, allow this clean, healing, fresh earth energy to come up through the bottoms of your feet (we have chakras on the bottoms of our feet and in the palms of our hands) traveling up both of your legs, your thighs, your organs, your stomach, your tissues, your cells, your chest, your arms, your neck, your face, your head until it overflows out of the top of your head (crown chakra) pushing out any stuck energy or debris away from you and back down into the earth.

4. Let yourself feel + cry

Believe it or not, crying is healthy for us, it is just energy releasing through water.

Sometimes we just need a good cry because it serves as a release for pent up and stuck energy.

Try this:

Sit down in silence with a pen and a paper and ask your being…” what is it that is keeping me feeling stuck? What do I need to allow myself to feel so that I can move out of stagnation?”

An answer WILL come to you and it may be an emotion that you weren’t even expecting.

But trust it never the less because your Being will never lead you in the wrong direction.

Start free flow writing down your thoughts and emotions and anything that comes to mind.

You may feel the urge to cry, if so, allow it…it is just energy releasing, it is safe.

We must feel, hear and see our emotions in order for them to leave.

All they want is to be acknowledged so that they can leave for good.

Completely discard of the paper.

You will notice that after the heavy emotions have been allowed to come to the surface, this will be followed by a very peaceful and serene calm.

5. Move your body

Moving our body through exercise, stretching, or dance is a super effective way to release stagnation.

6. Ground Outside

Mother Nature exists to keep us balanced. We are electro magnetic Beings that interact with the ions of the Earth. Like a magnet, the earth pulls from us what does not serve us and gives to us what does.

We have chakras on the soles of our feet and in the palms of our hands.

Putting our bare feet or our palms on the earth while setting the intention to be cleansed of stuck energy assists in replenishing and restoring our energy bodies.

This is also a scientifically proven modality to help lower inflammation in the body.

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