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Updated: Mar 21, 2021

There was a point in my life where I was debilitatingly ill. I lost my ability to walk and to use my hands and I was bedridden a lot of the time. My physical capabilities were almost non existent, so I was essentially forced to rely heavily on different

parts of my being to get things done in my physical world:

The energetic body The spiritual body The mental body Our Spirit is never sick and exists within us to use to our advantage, whenever we so choose. Before I became ill, I was solely physical focused. It wasn’t until I could no longer rely on my physical body to get things done, that I opened myself up to a different part of my Being that I COULD rely on. I was forced to rely heavily on the Universe to get things done for me, and this is where I learned how to manifest; how to communicate with the Universe and then how to surrender so that I can be in a state of receivership.

And believe me, did I ever receive.

I've manifested my health, my well-being, abundance, business, finances, a home, love - from nothing. I was debilitatingly ill. I have my health back now, better than it ever was before.

I've manifested a home for myself

I've manifested love

I've manifested well-being

I've manifested finances

I've manifested success

I've manifested health

All from nothing.

I picked myself up from rock bottom by relying heavily on the energetic and spiritual parts of my Being that are directly connected to the universe and further more, to all of the things that are for my highest good.

* We all have this within us, it is just how we were innately designed.

Here are the steps in order, on how to manifest your heart's desires. Number one: INTENTION

-The intention is so important to set.

-Ensure that you are crystal clear about your intention and it has to come from a genuine and authentic place from deep within your core.

-Ensure that your intention, whatever it may be, is for your highest good and the highest good of others.

-Bring this intention into the physical world through writing it down or journaling. I sometimes type it in the notes on my cellphone or on my laptop if I am on the go; whatever works for you. Ensuring that we bring our intention into the physical world allows it to manifest physically.

Number two: THE FEELING

We have to BE in the feeling of what it would actually feel like to experience that thing that we are manifesting.

The feeling has to be real.

Close your eyes, witness yourself living that experience that you are so desiring:

What does it feel like? What does it sound like?

What does it look like?

Is anyone there with you?

What emotions are you feeling?

How happy are you to have this? The happier you feel, the more real this feels to you, the easier it is for the universe to pick this up so that it can get to work.

Be IN THE FEELING, and this is the space where manifestation really picks up. Number Three: THE PRESENT

If you don’t manifest in present tense because you are manifesting in future tense, it will always remain just that - in the future, and therefore will always be unattainable.

Being mindful of your mental chatter around manifesting is important.

For example:

DO--> I HAVE the most successful business with the most amazing clients, right now this IS happening. (Present Tense)


DONT--> I WILL have the most successful business with the most amazing clients, this WILL happen. (Future Tense-unattainable)

More Examples:

DO--> The most amazing man is coming into my life right now (present tense)

DONT--> The most amazing man will come into my life (future tense, unattainable)

I am a best selling author. I am in a healthy relationship. I am healing.

I am financially abundant. Number Four: BELIEVE

Believe that you DESERVE your heart's desires.

Truly know that it is your birthright to receive your heart’s desires no matter how grand they are.

If you do not believe that you are worthy of your heart’s desires, they cannot get to you.

Your heart’s desire already exist in the Universe....the Universe is just waiting for you to feel worthy of receiving them so that it can give them to you.

I see this often in my practice, a lot of us have feelings of unworthiness that stem from conditioning, trauma and limiting beliefs. Working through what is at the root of what is making you feel unworthy of receiving is the key in removing it. We have to clear out the stuff on the inside that is not serving us, to make space for the things that do. Number Five: TRUST

The universe will not give to you if you do not trust it. If you have doubts about the manifestation process, then it will not work with you.

How do we show that we trust it?

By surrendering.

Trust that once you have manifested, you've planted a seed and you must move out of the way so that it can grow.

When we are constantly revisiting it, obsessing over it, worrying about it, or trying to force control over what it is that we are manifesting, then we are blocking the process-we are in our own way.

When we lean back, we are releasing it from our mind because we are completely confident that it is currently working to come to fruition at the perfectly right time.

It is like being in the driver seat of a car. When we move over, we allow the Universe to take the wheel.

The manifestation process is very real and extremely powerful.

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