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 It is your B I R T H R I G H T to live a completely fulfilled and meaningful life! 

2 months of working closely together to uncover deep and sustainable healing.

(Trauma Recovery Practitioner)


The Goal:

Extinguishing trauma sustainably and long-term

so that old limiting beliefs and patterns are extinguished while new healthy and nourishing patterns are put into place. Often times, I work with individuals who experience stubborn health issues such as physical symptoms that cannot be diagnosed and/or treated through conventional medicine. This is an indicator that there are some deep, unconscious emotional wounds that need to be uncovered. Trauma is linked 100% of the time to our physical symptoms. I work from a somatic approach which addresses the mind AND body (how the body stores trauma and how to remind the body to gently come back into safety).


 When we experience trauma, our body gets stuck in rigid and habitual holding patterns even though no immanent threat exists. The more emotional pain we are holding inside, the more sick we become. When we are addressing trauma from a solely cognitive approach, we are leaving 80% of the material completely untouched and therefore unhealed. 80% of traumatic and stressful experiences get stored within the body first. This is why the healing of all clinical issues are optimized by using a body-based approach.

We establish conditions of safety first. This is an imperative first step in the success of trauma recovery. We resource together by turning the lens on what is right instead of what is wrong and we anchor in that before gently dipping into the traumatic or stressful material. This way, you will feel safe, comfortable, confident and even excited about addressing the pain within you. We have to see it, feel it and hear it, in order to heal it. We learn how to orient to cues of safety as opposed to cues of danger.

 This program is incredibly liberating. 

What We Uncover:

Week 1

Neural plasticity re-wiring

creating deep grooves in our core programming that are conducive of safety, self-love, nourishment, calm and comfort instead of fear, emotional reactivity, anger and sadness. When we experience traumatic/highly stressful/painful events, the synapses in our brain become wired to constantly orient for cues of danger when there is no threat present, (this happens below our level of awareness). Brain re-training exercises greatly reduce these negative thought patterns and a racing mind  bringing stillness, positivity and calm to our everyday thoughts. 

Week 2

EMF (Emotional Freedom Technique)

releasing trapped emotions for good. Removes limiting and undesired habits and behaviours.

Week 3

Nervous system regulation and re-training

(Polyvagal Theory of Safety and Connection)

 I teach you many different ways to calm your own nervous system (when you are experiencing anxiety, racing intrusive thought patterns and fear) We discover which part of the nervous system you are predominantly operating from (shut down/collapse/freeze OR fight or flight) as I show you how to move into ventral vagal (the nervous system state responsible for rest and repair, safety and connection).

Week 4

Vagal tone strengthening

The vagus nerve is the part of our system responsible for our capacity to deal with stress and challenges. When our vagal tone is strengthened, resilience and self-confidence is the outcome. If we experienced trauma in childhood (early developmental trauma) then our vagus nerve operates inadequately causing us to be easily dysregulated and emotionally reactive without being able to calm ourselves down.(Feeling out of control as if our emotions are controlling us) Here, I teach you how to self regulate and how to co-regulate.

Week 5

Micro-Movement Therapy

 when our body gets stuck in habitual holding patterns after experiencing trauma, we can develop chronic pain and tension. Our body feels constricted and tight, our shoulders slump forward, our head hangs low or we shrink ourselves physically almost as if we don't feel safe being seen. Our breathing can become shallow/we hold our breath unconsciously.  Micro-movements allow your body to come out of those constricted holding patterns, creating ease, openness, space and relaxation within.

Week 6


Allowing your body to take a much needed break so that you can integrate the work that you have accomplished thus far. Enjoy your new sense of being.

Week 7

Broken Family Dynamics/Inner Child Healing

Uncovers self love where self love may have never existed for you. This is one of the deepest and most profound parts of the work. Addressing broken family dynamics is an incredibly impactful aspect of healing. 

Week 8

Spiritual Awakening

I guide you inwards to attune deeper to your already existing intuition, to connect with your Higher Self which knows nothing but unconditional love for you and to strengthen your innate ever-present power and healing abilities that live within you. Together we will expand your consciousness and awareness. We go deep here. (Oftentimes, this part is life-changing). We will also explore your energy body as you create a deeper connection and relationship with your body and ALL of it's incredible mechanisms.

Week 9

Final Integration

This is the week where you will finally be able to enjoy your new sense of well-being fully, your new found healthy self and to really embody your liberation from pain as you step into peace, fulfilment, self love and genuine happiness. You will now have learned many different interventions and healing techniques for you to implement into your life on your own. I guide you through experiential processes so that you can adopt those tools in everyday life.

You will have access to me throughout the duration of this healing journey.

This intervention is designed to address:

  • Your energy body

  • Your mental body

  • Your emotional body

  • Your spiritual body

  • Your physical body


$1300.00 CND

taxes included


2 instalments of :


Also offering discounted pricing to individuals collecting financial aid/disability. (Proof of assistance required). 

Please feel free to book a free consultation with me to explore if I resonate for you.

Book Free Consultation Now

Please call or text 


What People Are Saying..

"Vanessa has been nothing short of a Godsend. I contacted her to mentally prepare myself to get my breast implants removed due to BII symptoms but what I received from working with this amazing woman was so much more. I began to heal so many issues that I haven’t been able to breakthrough in the past and my entire life took on a new path in a matter of weeks. I quit a toxic job, I learned how to take a step back from being constantly “busy” and took a monumental step for my health and had my implants removed without any regrets. She talked me through the tough times and was the greatest cheerleader for success. I cannot say enough about Vanessa and the support she provides. Her heart is genuine and I trust her completely.

Eileen- NJ



had the true pleasure of working with Vanessa during a one-time consultation and now with her 2 month program. Each step of the way has felt right and peaceful. She does a fantastic job at being the support system needed during this journey and does a great job at helping you pivot to remain on track. She does this in a way with practical tools, kindness and resonance. One of the many great things about working with Vanessa is you aren’t getting vague advice that seems intangible or too broad for interpretation or application. She really works with you to meet you where you are and helps you continue taking steps towards where you are headed with sustainable tools that you will incorporate in your life!

-Sophia, ON

"Hi Vanessa, those truly were amazing sessions! I woke up some nights afterwards and was just blown away by your knowledge and intuition. I just had a strong knowing and conversation with my body that everything is going to be alright. I feel so secure with you and still feeling so confident about healing and my upcoming surgery. I have such a sense of relief and happiness in my life!!!! I just don't know how I can thank you enough, I am just so peaceful."

-Cherylyn, CA

"The days after our sessions I could feel a tremendous weight lifted off my shoulders. It was no coincidence that every aspect of my life began to shift and improve after only our first session. I always look forward to our future sessions together and I am truly blessed to have found her."

-Romina, BC




It is your B I R T H R I G H T to live a completely fulfilled and healthy life

H E A L  your life

Become the Co-Creator of your own life

Become a M A G N E T for abundance

Transform your life


Through years of spiritual conditioning, daily practice, and healing her whole self from ailments and dis-eases, Vanessa has completely transformed her life. She has learned first-hand H O W to uncover sustainable levels of health, well-being. personal transformation and how to live a truly fulfilled and synchronous life.

If you have long been trying to shift unhealthy habits, toxic thought patterns, trauma, and dis-ease
without resolve, this is indicative that there are more than likely some deep unconscious
barriers to be uncovered.

Our bodies are designed to heal,

always naturally organizing in the direction of Healing.

As a human species, we are naturally intended to thrive, evolve, attract, transform and heal;
it is innate within us. 

You hold the Power to HEAL your life, are you ready to connect with it?



"The deeper that you go within, the more sustainable levels of health you uncover..."

Ep.01 - Healing Whole Self
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Vanessa works globally with clients from all over the world.

Your Journey to Wellness Starts NOW



1 on 1 personalized deep healing sessions (remote)

Specializing in deep and sustainable healing
and well-being


My mission as a wellness coach and trauma recovery practitioner is to gently guide you in your own healing journey, whatever that may look like for you. To be a hand to hold if you should need one, to give you the tools and resources that you need in order to heal your life. To guide you in attracting abundance, and to help you get up when you are down, because I was there once. 

The only way out is through

You hold the power to Heal 

Are you ready to connect with it?

About Heal Whole Self


Through healing my whole self for the past 7 years from Lyme Dis-ease, Multiple Sclerosis, Breast Implant Illness, addiction, trauma, PTSD, abuse, anxiety, panic , and depression; I have uncovered what it means to attain sustainable levels of health, abundance, and well-being.

The only way out is through and I am thrilled to finally be out on the other side.

Never forgetting where I came from, the wisdom and compassion that I've gained through overcoming my own pain, suffering, and many dark nights of the soul, is invaluable.

By using my innate gifts of sensitivity, compassion, energetics & intuition combined with extensive training in integrative somatic trauma recovery, I am excited to give back to the world and I am so honored to be a part of your healing journey. 

Ginger with lemon detox water in the mor





Heal Whole Self

Image by Paige Cody

How To Manifest Your Heart's Desires

"Once you have manifested your heart's desire, you've planted the seed. You must move out of the way so that it can grow.

This is the power of surrendering."

Image by Peter Conlan

How To Move Out Of Feeling

"We are never actually stuck as it is the natural law of energy for living things to always be ebbing and flowing. It may feel like we are stuck when we are vibrating at lower frequencies."


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White Satin

Every energy session with Vanessa has been outstanding. You can feel her positive and vibrant energy long before she even begins. I have felt so much better physically, mentally, and spiritually after every session. I am always eager to book the next one. 

White Satin

Vanessa's empathy, understanding, nature, and intelligence combined with the knowledge she has acquired as a student of the healing arts, makes her a formidable force in the battle faced by those plagued with chronic illness. I am immensely impressed by her and plan to continue as her client for the duration of my health journey.

White Satin

Vanessa's intuition is so attuned. She was able to tell me right away where I had an energetic block and removed it in one session. The released energy was accompanied by a physical release (I was struggling with chest pain) I would highly recommend her. 




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