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Vanessa works globally with clients from all over the world, encouraging your Being to move in the direction of Healing by reminding you of your own ever-present wisdom and power through distant energy sessions.



Science is increasingly showing that a human being is comprised of energy systems, centers, and channels that are highly integrated with the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of an individual. Energy medicine recognizes energy as a vital system that determines much about health and happiness. The flow, balance, and harmony of energy are reflected in the health of the body The primary function of energy medicine is to influence the frequency of the energetic systems to improve health, healing, and well-being.


When we are in alignment, all aspects of our lives are enhanced positively.

When we are looking to heal from virtually anything, we must address all the levels that make up our Being. 
Through healing myself from a multitude of dis-seases over the past 6 years, I found that Energy Medicine was the integral missing piece that I needed to reach wellness. 
Because Energy Medicine has been so profound in my own healing journey, I have become passionate about working with beautiful souls all over the world to remind them of their own power through Distant Energy Sessions.
Certified in Energy Medicine, I am finally well enough to share these gifts with you.



chakra balancing

cutting cords of attachment that do not serve you 
removing stuck energy

opening channels for abundance

encouraging self-love

grounding you 

removing foreign energy

connecting you to your own cosmic & earth energy


encouraging the proper flow of energetic channels

cutting ancestral cords of attachment

assisting in breaking unhealthy habits

working through trauma

working through grief

working to remove negative thought patterns

removing foreign energy

connecting you to your own cosmic & earth energy

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